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Play That Funky Music, Funny Boy

Let’s Bring the House Down

You know your party’s a hit the moment you see your guests whooping it up. At Topp Choice Entertainment, this is the audience impact we always strive to achieve each time you hire us for an event. It’s so easy to see how much fun we’re having!

Two Thumbs Up!

“Greetings, Myron. On behalf of the organizing committee, I would like to thank you very much for the generous donation of your time and talents for our Red Cross holiday party last Friday December 17, 2010. Everyone had a great time and your presence definitely contributed towards a successful evening! The feedback regarding your performance has been tremendous and we look forward to working with you again in the future. We wish you all the best for the holiday season!”

- Transportation Services and Mobile Food Bank

“To Whom It May Concern, we used Top Choice Entertainment services for our 2011 staff holiday party. Myron went far and above what was required and expected of a DJ. He engaged everyone at the party to get involved. He made upper management dress up, much to the delight of the customer facing staff. He brought props and got involved with our party. Our entire staff was thrilled with him; he was entertaining and kept the event on track. I would highly recommend his DJ services to anyone.”

- The Real Canadian Superstore, North Oakville 201 Oak Park Blvd., Oakville, Ontario L6H 7T4

“It was with great pleasure to have had Myron perform as our DJ at our annual Costco #531 Christmas party on Saturday, December 6, 2008. He really fulfilled the evening with many surprises and had everybody in stitches all night. Myron is a very pleasant person to deal with preparing for the upcoming event.


“He was always in contact with me, whether it was on the phone or in person. He even went to the location of the event to make sure everything would be perfect for that evening. I, the social event co-ordinator, never really had to worry about anything at all that was going to go on that evening regarding the entertainment. It was all in Myron's hand and he did surpass that expectation.


“From his exciting entrance, funny games that were played, to the soothing music he contributed, Myron was right on track with it all. Myron made the crowd work for their prizes in a fun and interesting way that had the group just asking for more.


“His music selection was always there to suit the crowd that was always on the dance floor. The dance floor was never empty at all, which was a first for all of our Christmas parties. He got to know what this group liked and just went full tilt with it and it worked.


“I would definitely recommend that you would consider Myron to fulfill your next social event, you will not regret it whatsoever. With his warm smile and winning personality, what more could you ask for? He will surely make your event the most memorable one yet.”

- Costco #531 Social Committee Co-ordinator

“Dear Sir/Madame, my name is Doris Menna, and I am a member of the social committee for the Home Depot Store in Oakville. One of the top priorities of the committee is to provide our associates with the most enjoyable event that we can. That means acquiring talent that will live up to the very high standards that we at Home Depot are very proud of.


“For the past 2 years, we have enlisted the services of Mr. Myron Crawford and his DJ services, ‘DJ Short Butt Sweet’. Never having used this sort of entertainment for any of our events, we were not sure how it was going to be like. Needless to say, that we at the committee, as well as management of the store and most importantly the associates were all very impressed with the job that Myron Crawford did for us.


“He presented himself in a very professional and courteous manner, and since we also hired him as our MC, we could not have been more thrilled. The material he used was very fresh and updated and also mixed in with a little classic humor. That made for a very exciting and enjoyable evening.


“Myron Crawford was absolutely a very fine entertainer, and displayed class and dignity when performing. We were so pleased with him that we decided to bring him back the following year for our annual staff Christmas party. Without fail, he was a big hit again.


“He is now an official member of our entertainment crew and will be gracing us with his presence for many years to come at our events. He comes with very high recommendations from both the social committee as well as the associates who have the distinct pleasure of being part of one of his shows.


“I am very confident that Myron will do well in any given setting and will always bring a little something special to any venue. Please do not hesitate to call me if you have any questions or concerns at 905-815-5000. Myron is not only a valuable asset to any event, but will also play a very vital part in the enjoyment of others. Thank you and good day.”

- The Home Depot Store # 7157 Social Committee

“For the past 3 years we have used DJ Short-But-Sweet for our Christmas party and have been pleased with his services. His selection of music and the way he interacts with our staff has made him our first choice whenever we talk about having a party.

I strongly recommend his DJ services to any school, private or corporate groups, DJ-Short-But Sweet every time. Thanks Myron for entertaining my staff here at Tucker's Marketplace. See you in December.”

- Tucker’s Marketplace, Manager

“We would like to recommend the services of Myron Crawford of Topp Choice Entertainment. From the start, Myron was always on top of the details – from March '17 all the way through our wedding day, which is why it was such a success. Cool under pressure, with high expectations of himself and the ability to come through in being our DJ and MC made the day so much more enjoyable with those stresses removed from us and carried on his back.


“Myron has a unique style and ability to combine outstanding DJ skills and the ability to charismatically and humorously engage our guests that we have never seen before at any event or from any one person. These are skills we would have expected multiple people to perform yet Myron is really a one-man show and can do it all. His passion for his work is obvious, as well as his high level of detail, energy level, and ability to stay on task.


“During the wedding planning process, we became overwhelmed at times with the amount of decisions that we were having to make, down to the smallest detail. In working with Myron, if we didn't have the answers, he would often offer to just leave it to him; which was such a relief because in a short time working with him from the beginning of our planning, we had already established a trust and comfort level where we didn't feel like we had to worry so much about the details.



“Some Highlights of the Night:

  • Retro music set geared to bride and groom age group

  • Centrepiece game/single ladies dance/bouquet toss; always the right music at the right time and seamless transitions

  • So many memorable engaging interactions with our guests of all ages

  • Brought an energy level that impacted the room the whole night; smooth overall flow of the night from beginning to end

“Skills and Service Above and Beyond:

  • Offered insight and advice on other components of our wedding day

  • Provided us a real appreciation of the amount of work involved in planning and executing an event like ours

  • Seamless coordination with venue staff

  • Taking care of details we didn't even have to know about (less stress)

“In summary, I can't say enough about Myron's performance and professionalism on our wedding day. We still have family and friends comment that our wedding was such a memorable wedding, a real classy event, and ‘who is he and where did you find him?!’”

- Russ and Jeanne

“Marlene and I would like to express our sincere gratitude, for being our DJ and MC for our wedding on May 21, 2017. You made the experience for our first wedding very enjoyable with all your jokes and comments! You made everyone laugh when it was time to remove the garter!


“When we reviewed the wedding photos everyone had smiles on their faces! The wedding day wouldn't have proceeded as flawless without your assistance. The evening proceeded so smoothly with your innovative comedy throughout the evening! Your humour was taken with approval, especially with the diversity in the crowd.


“Being a multiracial couple we enjoyed the jokes, music, comedy and cheer with our guest. Everyone felt included in the wedding. When we opened up the dance floor, 90% of the guest were dancing. Everyone had a good time and that's what we wanted for our wedding. You made that possible!


“P.S. The 10% were in a wheelchair or sleeping in the little tent! You are a fantastic performer/DJ/professional and we wouldn't hesitate to utilize your services for another function in the future!”

- Marlene and Rick

“We just want to thank you for all your efforts at our 50th anniversary party. Your choice of music, pacing, and sound levels were just what we needed to give a ideal atmosphere to the party. The way you worked with both ourselves and our sons was great and things went very smoothly. When it came to the dancing, you really got the crowd on to the dance floor. Sorry for your sadness that day but you performed like a true professional and I hope things will seem brighter soon.”

- Kelly and John

“We are writing this letter to offer our very enthusiastic recommendation for Myron Crawford of Topp Choice Entertainment. Myron is an outstanding MC and DJ. We hired him to do both for our wedding and we could not be happier. He is friendly, funny, and really knows how to work a room full of people he doesn't know. All of our guests were and still have been commenting about how great he was. Myron exceeded all expectations we had.


“He will definitely provide you with the type of service and ambiance you are seeking. He listened to everything we were looking for and fully delivered. His knowledge and experience in the industry truly shows.



“Do yourself and your guests a favour and book him now! It will be the best decision you will have made for your event.”

- Catherine and Ian

“We hired Myron to DJ at our wedding on March 17, 2011. We first heard Myron DJ at a local restaurant in Mississauga a few years back and thought that he did a great job at mixing his beats and on our way out, we grabbed one of his business cards. We actually kept his card and contacted him to see if he was available to DJ at our wedding.


“Our meeting with Myron was very professional but yet easygoing. Myron was very helpful and knowledgeable in ideas for our wedding. He took the time to fully understand what kind of wedding we wanted and made every effort to fulfill his duty.


“As the wedding approached, he met with us a few times to guide us and our wedding MC on our special day. Myron accomplished what he promised and more. We had a fabulous wedding thanks to his comical, laid back approach and great DJ ability. We had many guests and even staff at the venue comment on what an excellent job he did.


“We would most definitely recommend Myron for any sort of event. He did a great job at our wedding and made it a very memorable day for us.”

- Chad and Stephanie

“Dear Potential Clients,

Planning a wedding is probably the most difficult event to put together. The stress of juggling all of the different elements is outrageous. The budget is constantly weighing on your mind, and after all of that planning, it isn't even really all just for you. Sure, you are the bride and groom and it is your wedding day, a very momentous occasion. But the wedding itself is just as much for the guests to have fun and enjoy.


“Hopefully, during the event, you can find the time to reflect on what has just happened, have the opportunity to mingle with all of your guests, and basically just enjoy the celebration that has taken you months and months to plan.


“Chris and I knew from early on that we wanted a DJ that would reflect our own tastes, wasn't totally traditional (no chicken dance for us!), and was someone who was not only a master of mixing, but also someone with personality, someone who we felt comfortable with, and someone who would entertain and add to the ambiance of the evening. Without a doubt, we knew that Myron was the right man for this job.


“Myron took the time to meet with us on several occasions before the day of the wedding. His friendly and helpful personality made it easy for us to discuss and wade through what can be a long list of choices. His experience in weddings came through as he guided us to make the right choices for our wedding in terms of timeline; who speaks when; the order of events, and even song selection.


“On the day of the wedding, Myron was extremely helpful. Our carefully planned timelines did not go as we expected. Myron rolled with the punches, altering his timeline to fit. Everything we wanted and discussed was delivered, and the guests thoroughly enjoyed his comedic repertoire.


“There was never a dull moment on the dance floor. From slow songs to party songs, Myron was able to really read the crowd, know what they wanted, and give them what they wanted. Thankfully, that wasn't the chicken dance! His wide array of music really pleased the crowd. We were still dancing when the lights came on! I think all of our guests left that night with sore feet.


“I know that Chris and I really appreciated all that Myron did for us. He really made our day special. His meticulous work ethic and careful planning ensured that we were able to appreciate every little moment without having to worry about a thing. I would definitely recommend Myron Crawford for any event. He truly is a great MC and DJ. Any party would be better and more lively with Myron involved.”

- Kaeleigh Chris and Chris Pappano

“We confirm that we have dealt with Myron for his D.J./M.C. services on Friday May 13, 2011 at Queenston Heights Restaurant in Niagara Falls ON for our wedding.


“Our only requirement going into the wedding was that we had someone who could keep the party going and ensure our guests had a fun night; and that he did! There wasn't a single moment throughout the night where the dance floor was not full and people were not dancing and having fun!


“Beyond that though, Myron served as a gracious host/MC, a liaison between staff at the venue and guests, and great peace of mind for us. He was interactive with our guests and made personal references to our families and our relationship by having picked up and listened closely to us in our pre-wedding meetings. This was invaluable and made our event more personal and special!


“Overall, the night was a huge success and we believe that it was mostly in part to Myron and his services. Throughout the night, the guests and even the restaurants event coordinator was asking where we found him and for business cards to refer him for future events.


“Myron's performance and attitude was professional yet fun-spirited at all times and far exceeded anything we were expecting. In future, we would gladly rehire D.J. Short Butt Sweet for any of our party/event needs and have already recommended him to everyone we know (as have many of our guests) and can confidently recommend him as a solid and reliable entertainment supplier. Yours faithfully.”

- Mr. and Mrs. Tano

“Jelani and I just want to say thank you for the wonderful job you did on our wedding. The wedding if you recall, was in a 40 by 100-foot tent, July 5th 2008, and the weather was absolutely perfect. Many guests came to me and asked me how I found you? You made them laugh and they claimed that they never had so much fun at a wedding. Even my very hard to please father came to me during the reception and said, ‘Rhonda, good choice on the DJ. You're making a lot of good choices lately.’


“When we first interviewed you, you said that we would want a wedding that people will look back on, and remember fondly. That's exactly what you gave us. Thank you again Myron.”

- Rhudo

“We would like to express our thanks for your efforts in deejaying our wedding. Many of our guests expressed how much they enjoyed our reception, which is no doubt, a result of your superior preparedness and execution. Your ability to quickly and continually assess the mood of the room and maintain or change the tempo and type of music made our event such a success. We were extremely pleased with our reception deejaying and will recommend your services to others without hesitation. Thank you very much.”

- Jon and Victoria

“My husband and I would like to formally thank you for your entertainment services for our wedding, 1st of September 2012. We had an excellent time and so did our guests. In fact, our guests are still talking about that hilarious DJ and some have asked for your contact information. We were pleased that you were sensitive to the fact that half of our family are devout Christians and you found music that were both relevant and appropriate. You also had music that the young and old could enjoy.


“Your tactics with emceeing for the night were much to the pleasure of our wedding party and guests. My husband and I still sit and reminisce about the sexy walk you encouraged him to do and our grand entrance. You are very reliable and punctual which was much to our relief as entertainers at times can be unreliable. Thank you again and should we divorce and remarry, you can count on doing both our weddings again or at the very least our daughter's wedding.”

- Mr. and Mrs. Vassell

“People tend to go with a reasonably, funny family member when it comes to having an MC for their wedding, but we highly recommend going with a professional. By professional, we're referring to Myron. We first discovered Myron when we attended a fund-raising event. He was the MC and DJ. The first thing we whispered to each other was that this guy was perfect for our wedding.


“Music. He knows how to pick his music. The fund-raising event was dominantly for an older crowd (40+), but we enjoyed listening to the music and could not resist dancing. He just knew how to seamlessly link one song to the next. He definitely knew how to keep the crowd dancing and having a good time. It was far better than any young adult party I ever attended.


“Master of Ceremony. We also liked him because he was comfortable joking with any guest he encountered. Myron did an incredible job with warming up to the guests. We were impressed with Myron's ability to improvise. In addition, he essentially organized our reception. We didn't have to worry about how to plan the timeline of our wedding reception. We just left it to the professional.


“Overall. How do we know he's good? He kept our guests thoroughly entertained. After the wedding, we received tons of compliments about how successful/amazing our wedding was, about what a great time they had, and about how amazing our MC was. Like the food and open bar, don't cheap out on having a great MC/DJ like Myron. Thanks for everything.”

- Mr. and Mrs. Renato Javier”

Topp Choice Entertainment

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